Why Your AEC Firm Needs A Value Proposition Statement

Enough focusing on what you are good at, in today’s world, you need to be focused on what your clients need. You need a compelling AEC value proposition statement to show your clients what problems you will solve for them, and you need to deliver it fast.

To put it simply, the value proposition statement defines the value a client will get from choosing your firm, product, or expertise (i.e. business/company) and why they should choose your entity instead of the competition.

The value statement is focused on concise outcomes. To define your value proposition statement, ask yourself the important questions about your company such as:

Which niche does my organization serve?
What benefits do my clients receive?
What services do I offer?
What makes my company different from the others?

Remember, your AEC value proposition statement can be considered a 24-hour salesman if you use it properly. To do so, it needs to be read immediately when the potential client lands on the website or social media profile. The average attention span of a human is getting shorter; if the potential client does not see how the business can solve their problem quickly (around 7 seconds), they will go somewhere else.

Package the message in as few words as possible, place it where it is the first thing people read when they land on the page, and don’t forget to make it about them and their problem; avoid “hype” language.

Look at the value proposition as an answer to everyone’s prayers! With the world of the internet, we live in a time where everything can feel so diluted and sleazy. To have a statement that is so matter of fact will give all readers a refreshing feeling, whether they are your target client or not. Most importantly, if your statement checks their needs off a list, you may have yourself a lead and they no longer have to continue looking for someone to fill their need!