To meet the demands of today’s world, it’s important to be focused on what your clients may need.

With a compelling AEC value proposition statement, you’ll be able to quickly and clearly define the problems you can solve for them.

clearly define the problems
This is our value proposition statement on our home page–– easily visible and straight to the point.

To put it simply, the AEC Value Proposition statement underlines the benefits a client will obtain from choosing your firm, product, or expertise, and why they should choose your entity over your competition.

choosing your firm

The value proposition statement is focused on concise outcomes. 

To define your value proposition statement, ask yourself specific questions about your company such as:

  • What benefits do my clients receive?
  • Which niche does my organization serve?
  • What services do I offer?
  • What makes my company different from the others?
AEC Value Proposition

Remember, your value proposition statement can prove to be a prized asset to your marketing strategy. To utilize your statement to its fullest potential, you have to ensure that it is as straight forward as possible. 

Most people don’t want to spend the time combing through your page. They are trying to figure out what you can offer them. They want to know immediately. Moreover, they want to know exactly what makes you different from your competition upon landing on your page.

AEC Value Proposition

When creating your value proposition statement, keep these valuable points in mind:

  • Condense your message in as few words as possible
  • Placement is everything–– place your message on a highly visible spot on your page. So, that it is the first thing seen upon landing
  • Tailor the message towards your clients and their specific problems
  • Avoid “hype” language
AEC Value Proposition

Within the realm of the internet, we seem to live in a time where messaging can be diluted and deceitful.

Having a statement that is inherently direct and straight to the point will give readers a refreshing taste of what you can offer. It is regardless of whether they are your target client or not.

Learn how to cut to the chase and deliver the information that your clients want to hear!

Author: Alexandria Swanson

Alex is a marketing project manager and serves as the primary liason between clients and all Bizop Media technicians.

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