Why You Should Add Instagram Stories Into Your Marketing Campaign

Many businesses are using Instagram Stories as a part of their marketing campaigns, and for good reason. We all seem to be falling in love with Stories. In fact, users are gravitating more towards Instagram’s stories over Snapchat, who started the trend back in 2013. But what makes Instagram Stories so easy to love, and why are they beneficial for your company?

We love them because they are fun and easy, simple as that. Instagram developers have created this user-friendly function making it so easy to share your stories with flashy styles and features. Imagine a basic post on steroids, and you’ve got yourself an Instagram Story! You can input filters, text, emojis, likes, tags, and more, all within your story to customize it however you please. It is so easy that anyone can figure it out without assistance, even your Grandma!

As with everything in business, there should always be true benefits to anything you sink your time and money into, and the Instagram stories fun factor isn’t the only thing that comes into play when considering to add them to your marketing campaign. Those of us who use Instagram Stories, we choose to invest in them for the benefits. You seriously can’t beat the gaps Instagram Stories fill within your marketing campaigns.

If you need more authenticity with your followers, that’s what Instagram Stories are all about! Data shows the more you keep your clients, fans, or followers in the loop, the more they trust you. Now you can engage with your Instagram community more intimately than ever.

Need the perfect timing? No need conducting research to find the best hour and minute most people are grazing the platform. Instagram stories run 24 hours around the clock! This is especially important for those of you in the AEC + Design industries, as our followers are worldwide.

Stories help you become discovered. With their hashtag feature, you can reach outside your network to help convert more followers. With over 400 Million daily users on Instagram today, it’s worth adding a relevant hashtag to all of your posts to gain more traffic.

Lastly, if you are fortunate enough to have at least 10,000 followers on Instagram, you get a little extra bonus with stories. We all know Instagram only allows us links in our bio, but if you have a large enough following, you can add a swipe up function to any story that redirects you to a targeted website. This function adds an extra component which can aid in leads and conversion growth to your business.

Now have fun telling your story.

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