Social media for architects and architecture firms can be extremely powerful. When applied correctly, this marketing tool impacts an architect’s business in a variety of ways, including brand awareness, increased website traffic, and landing new projects. This is particularly true when social marketing efforts are consistent.  Social media can be an inexpensive way to get the word out to new potential clients while keeping current clients informed regarding your architecture firm’s latest projects and company endeavors. 

Reaching More Clients in Less Time

Social media marketing is nothing more than using a social media network to promote a business, a product, a service or a person. However, it can be used for many other things as well. 

These platforms reach more than 2.5 billion individuals around the world, allowing architects and firms to connect with more people in less time and with less effort than traditional networking. One simple message on these networks can be liked by thousands of followers, and shared and shared again over time. As a result, tens of thousands across the globe may see your message in a matter of hours. Furthermore, the message can be shared for days, weeks, and months to come. 

Thanks to social media, a person may obtain news and information immediately from any business. A post goes out instantaneously through the selected platform(s). A consumer can locate any business, product, service, or individual using nothing more than the search bar and get several results to choose from when doing so. 

Promote Your Firm and Get More Leads

Social-Media-for Architects

Many architects find social media to be an essential part of their overall marketing strategy. Furthermore, organic social is generally one of the least expensive ways to increase traffic to the company site, engage with current and potential customers, and boost sales and leads. How and why this is the case? 

Facebook has more than one million users engaging with the site each month, and more than 40 million small businesses now make use of Facebook pages to advertise their business. In addition, approximately one million new people sign on to these networks every day.

Social Media Marketing Planning

To successfully make use of social media platforms and obtain the best return on investment, a company must plan out their strategy and determine the primary goals of these efforts. When the right channels are targeted and appropriate content is shared, the results are amazing. To ensure this is the case, certain questions need to be answered before any social media marketing begins to guarantee the right channels are being used. 

What social media goals should architects focus on? Some companies wish to increase traffic to the site while others are looking to boost brand awareness. The target market needs to be identified, as this helps provide information about when and where they will be online. Different types of content must be generated and planned out before proceeding and metrics identified to determine the effectiveness of the company’s efforts. 

By answering these questions, a company can determine what to post, where to post it and when. Companies need to be aware that no more than 25 to 35 percent of the postings should be sales-oriented or self-promoting. It’s important to engage with the target audience and focus on their interests and problems, as this helps to make them fans of the brand. When users find value in the content they are quick to share it and tell their friends. 

Start Small

Although you want to reach as many people as possible, it’s best to choose only two or three platforms to focus on when first starting out. When the plan begins to fall into place and high-quality content is being posted regularly, then and only then is it time to branch out. This gives the company time to determine the effectiveness of the efforts. Moreover, it determines which platforms are working and which should be eliminated from the overall plan. 

Knowing what to post is just as important as understanding which platforms to use. Think about what the target audience is interested in and focus on these topics. This may be answers to frequently asked questions. Community involvement of the company, information about past, current or ongoing projects, or anything that may leave the visitor wanting to know more. Educational resources are also of great help when shared on these platforms as well.


Social media channels are an excellent way for architects to directly engage with customers. Respond to feedback from visitors right away, even that feedback which is negative. Any delay in doing so can be detrimental to the business, as the online world moves so rapidly. 

However, if there is any doubt as to whether to post something negative from your brand, it’s best to not do so. In this instance, it is definitely better to be safe than sorry. Social media for businesses isn’t for the latest doom and gloom scenario or the online rant. Rather it is a place where businesses can show a different side of their personality. One that is positive, light and fun – if that’s your brand style.


While a company must always keep its brand image in mind and remain consistent with this image. It never hurts to mix things up on social media. This is where metrics can be of great help. They provide feedback about what is working and what isn’t. The rule here is to regularly share content on these sites that is both relevant and helpful, even if it varies in flavor. Doing so demonstrates the architecture firm is a thought leader and a consistent publisher of good content. 

However, remember each social media platform has its own post limits and best practices. Business owners need to keep this in mind for each channel. For instance, Twitter postings should occur multiple times a day as the site is fast-moving. Instagram postings may not need to be as frequent. Additionally, knowing which days and times to post is important, and this differs by the site. Do research within your industry to determine when and where to post for the best results and highest level of engagement. Experts typically recommend every business be on Facebook at a minimum. However, Architects should arguably be on Instagram or Pinterest as well. More channels can be added later, so start with what works best for your goals & brand preferences. 

Additional Channels

Don’t overlook other lesser-known channels like Quora and Reddit. They can be of great benefit in increasing a brand’s social media presence by answering questions and building thought leadership. Houzz and Archello can also be excellent for architects because they are more closely related to the design services profession. Don’t be afraid to be different. Those who do truly stand out in the crowd.

Implement a social media marketing plan for your architecture firm today. The benefits of doing so should never be discounted. The sooner you put a quality plan into place, the sooner you will see the rewards.

Author: Nathan Wilbanks

Nathan is a full-stack digital marketer specializing in consultation and strategy development for Bizop Media.

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