Within the realm of architecture and urban design, a clean-cut, organized portfolio is always a step in the right direction. Strive for simplicity, and you’ll find yourself inspired to enact on your own creative whim. So, see just how the best architecture websites take that idea to the next level.

Collected from countries all over the world, these websites exhibit industry-forward illustrations and top-tier design concepts, all at the forefront of architecture.

We’ve perused through reputable resources such as Awwwards to give you seven prime examples of what your architecture website could look like in 2019. Consequently, you can dive deep, and draw your own innovative inspiration from these websites for your next project.

7. Archi-Graphi

Starting with this French-based architecture firm, Archi-Graphi is focused on both architectural developments as well as the overall communication process involved in their projects. Furthermore, they’re involved from beginning to end, meeting varied needs while guaranteeing the quality of results and respect for your deadlines.

With a range of design expertise, Archi-Graphi has 15 years of design experience and 1200 references of projects under their belt. So, their state-of-the-art equipment allows them to create to their fullest potential, including their website as a reference.

Their website also includes interactive scrolling animations and high-quality images of their projects against a stark, monochromatic background––minimal, yet sleek and sophisticated.

6. Pelizzari Studio

Pelizzari studio is an Italian-based design studio offering interior design, architectural design, and product design services dedicated to exceeding your needs. In addition, Claudia Pelizzari is an internationally renowned interior designer who goes above and beyond to create innovative ideas. Moreover, it is regarded as an honourable female talent of contemporary architectural designs. 

The projects of Pelizzari Studio are the result of balanced research between technology, materials, style, designs, and contemporary art. 

Claudia Pelizzari takes clientele requests, interprets them through high-professional assistance and delivers spectacular results––and her website reflects her remarkable talent in design. Seamless scrolling complete with animated features along with a white dot that follows your mouse track makes Pelizzari Studio a proper blend of playful and refined.

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5. Asmobius

Mobius architecture is a Japanese-based architecture firm that seeks to create spaces with serenity.

Mobius is well-known for its sleek interface demonstrated on their website. It provides their dedication and how they are in designing excellence for every client. Moreover, their whimsical landing page includes a high-end slideshow of their projects as well as a compass-like feature to navigate seamlessly.

They also continue to provide architectural spaces that embody beauty and pleasure in serene settings. Moreover, it is touching the sentiments of those who use them. At the same time, they work to create buildings that are physically and aesthetically commendable. They implement techniques of sustainable design. So as to be ecologically sound––presenting appearances of timeless charm demonstrating. Their designs are more than capable of standing the test of time. Truly one of the best architecture websites we’ve seen.

4. MAFCOHouse

As stated on their homepage, MAFCOhouse believes that great homes begin with great relationships. This Canadian-based architecture firm is creating modern, environmentally-conscious homes with Dan and Diane Molenaar leading the forefront of their design operation.

With MAFCOhouse, you can bring yourself back down to earth through nature. Moreover, their website is a simple, easy-to-navigate interface adorned with bright, high-quality images––giving you an uplifting breath of fresh air. So, with effortless browsing and straight-forward content, MAFCOhouse is an ideal demonstration of minimalist design focused on reconnecting their clients with nature.

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3. Ark Shelter

Ark Shelter is a European-based firm that creates spaces for you to live, work and relax in. Like MAFCOhouse, Ark Shelter is incorporating the essence of nature in their design. Basing their design principles off of flexibility, practicality, durability and smart technology. With Ark Shelter, you can reconnect with your roots and discover the break that you needed all along.

Aside from reinventing modern escapes, Ark Shelter also successfully manifests its vision through its modern, sharply-designed website. A hero video sits behind the header menu, enveloping you in the Ark Shelter experience. Clean, straight-forward browsing makes it simple to navigate throughout their pages without the bulk and frills. Just like Ark Shelter housing, their website is delivering the information you need through minimal design.

2. Homecult

Although Homecult is a Ukrainian-based design firm, they embody “hygge” principles in their design. Hygge is a Scandinavian concept that encapsulates coziness, beauty, simplicity, and harmony between soul, body, and mind. So, Homecult weaves these elements into every residential project conceived. In addition, They consider themselves to be a cult of comfort, practicality, and beauty in simplicity.

Homecult’s website is telling of their hygge principles––with warm, bright animations and embellished, high-end images. Homecult manifests a true Scandinavian lifestyle aesthetically and habitually.

1. Largo Studio

Our top pick is a Japanese-based architecture firm, Largo Studio. They specialize in the design of beauty salons, restaurants, and offices throughout Japan. Moreover, they have a number of gorgeous projects demonstrating their ability to design fluidly and responsibly.

Upon entering Largo Studio’s homepage, geometric graphics and animated scrolling will greet you. Moreover, along with progressive videos that illustrate a story. Largo Studio is a beautiful expression of professional design. It also carefully composes the imagination through the businesses that they manifest in their work.

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