In the sea of home and interior design, it’s almost effortless to find quality interior design blogs and inspiration online. From visual-based to written content, design inspiration is ubiquitous. There’s a constant flow from people, places and things, every day and from all over the world. You can capture your creative vision through endless channels!

In 2019, you may be asking yourself if actively engaging in the blogging community is still beneficial. After all, a lot of online content is primarily visual these days––especially on platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest. 

A lot of people don’t take the time to read as much anymore, but don’t make that mistake! Blogging is a great way to learn about more in-depth concepts, discover new trends, and network. This form of content is still very much alive today. 

Take the time out of your day to invest in quality reading, provided to you by first-hand, hands-on experienced users. With competition high, we have weeded through and compiled the top 5 interior design blogs you must follow in 2019!

5. Coco Kelley

Founded by Cassandra LaValle in 2007, Coco Kelley has grown to be a platform where fresh design ideas thrive. They specialize in interior furnishings, party design, and even tabletop adornments. Coco Kelley knows exactly how to live an effortlessly sophisticated lifestyle, all while maintaining their chic, urbane eye.

They abide by the philosophy of “Life is in the details. Style accordingly.” A peek at their blog just tells you that the little details mean everything. From various ways to style your tabletop for the holidays to wanderlust design inspiration, including the whitewashed Italian homes of Puglia. This blog is chock full of artful content that will help you plan for any project. 

Coco Kelley has 6 different categories for content, including Lifestyle, Interiors, Travel, Entertaining, DIY and even a Shop section. You can buy the products that are featured on their website. Their counterpart is The Emerald Studio. So, they focus more on their services regarding interior design, event design, and brand styling.

4. Seasons in Color

This vivid and delightfully designed website was founded by United Kingdom-based Jenny Kakoudakis in 2015. The simple, eye-catching format is intuitive to navigate, allowing for you to scroll and click as you desire. And of course, it’s all color-coordinated to match.

Jenny originally started her page with the intention of providing color-based inspiration for color aficionados alike. However, Seasons in Color has quickly risen to be one of the most reputable interior design blogs out there. In fact, Seasons in Color was voted Best Color Inspiration blog at the Amara Interior Blog awards in 2016

Seasons in Color is loaded with expert tips on how to style with the trendiest colors, materials, and products. Their Interiors category has a slideshow feed of various interior photos. So the range from garden design to modern French design, with inspo that’s colour-centric to help you design around colour-based ideas. So, the blog has bite-sized bits of advice on how to style a range of aesthetics, including fashion advice and all-around travel recommendations.

3. Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy has risen to be a leading source for anyone looking for interior design inspiration. In 2001, Maxwell Ryan launched Apartment Therapy. It is also familiar as the “apartment therapist”.

Maxwell started out by personally visiting clients’ homes and revamping their spaces to make them beautiful, organized and healthy. At the time, Apartment Therapy was only a newsletter. By 2004, Apartment Therapy steadily grew to be a reliable media source, evolving into the household name it is today. 

From tips and tricks to expert guides, Apartment Therapy has almost everything you need to create the home of your dreams. They’re also known for featuring house tours. So, the readers submit photos of their own interior spaces. So, sharing inspire an audience of all backgrounds.

You can also take a look at their other categories: Dorm Therapy, Style, Home Projects, Organize & Clean, Living, Real Estate, The Homebuyer’s Guide, Bazaar, Shop, Videos and Sponsored. 

Apartment Therapy is here to bridge the creative gap between clients and interior designers. Therefore, in the process, it offers things such as tailored shopping guides. Moreover, overall expert advice to help you create a savvy home, all at your fingertips.

2. Apartment 34

Just one glance at Apartment 34’s homepage is enough to strike anyone’s fancy. Erin Hiemstra started Apartment 34 in 2018 was originally intended to chronicle the renovation of her Seattle condo (which was the original #34––get it?).

Over the course of a decade, Apartment 34 has risen to be a renowned resource for elevated and sophisticated living, offering inspiring tips and ideas for modern people. 

Aside from interior design inspiration, readers can also peruse through the categories of Fashion, Entertainment, Beauty, Cooking, Travel, and Shopping.

Erin’s approach is to provide readers with “the good stuff that helps elevate daily life”. Moreover, her refined curation inspires readers to lead a lifestyle of practical, stylish luxury, paving the way for modern homemakers and designers alike.

1. Design Milk

Ready to “drink up the latest in modern design”? Coming in at number one on our list, Design Milk is our top interior design blog choice. Jaime Derringer founded Design Milk in 2006, is an online magazine dedicated to modern design.

This “one-stop-shop” features the best in architecture, interior design, furniture and decor, fashion, and technology. From a Do It Yourself Yurt to personal features, like this pastel-themed Japanese apartment––Design Milk is always in the know of what’s trending in the modern design world.

Design Milk has been featured in renowned publications such as the Los Angeles Times, The San Francisco Chronicle. Hundreds of retailers, magazines, HGTV hosts and other reputable entertainers avidly read it.

Design Milk won the A’ Design Award in 2013. Apart from their blog, their Instagram is brimming with gorgeous interiors and architectural pieces. In addition, it has a following of 3 million (including us!). So, Design Milk is an all-around wealth of resource for any aspiring designer!

Modern bedroom interior design
Light, spacious bedroom interior design with big, king size bed, grey armchair and white walls

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