The Top 10 Blogs for Architects [2018]

If you’re getting started as an architect or even if you’re heading to school to become one, you want to know where to turn for answers. You want to know who has the best information and who can get you off on the right foot. That’s why we’ve created this list of the top blogs for architects for you to check out. Whether you need design inspiration, the latest news or help prepping for that next exam, you can find what you need right here.


Design Inspiration


Unhappy Hipsters

Blogs for Architects

The Unhappy Hipsters have specific sections for each room in a house and each of those areas has plenty of articles. Their blog offers short and sweet articles with the right information to help you understand the latest styles and design trends.


Fresh Home

Fresh Home offers a blog full of tips and ideas, like ‘5 Ideas for Rustic Chic Accent Walls’ or ‘4 Ways to Get a Mini Kitchen Island for a Small Space.’ These articles give you plenty of ways to plan with even unusual design needs or spaces.


Architecture Business Tips


Entre Architect

Here you’ll find a blog dedicated to the business of architecture. With articles about budgeting your projects, building recruitment strategies and even preparing for your future, Entre Architect has a bit of everything. They also have feature articles about specific homes or building designs and what goes into them.


Business of Architecture

Next up, Business of Architecture has articles about creating an experience, improving your own business from beginning to end and even using different tools and techniques. It’s an all-around website that offers a lot of advice and plenty of articles too.


Architecture Study & Exam Prep


Architecture Exam Prep

For those who learn a little better listening than reading, Architecture Exam Prep is all about podcasts. You will find plenty of articles about different exams you may need to take, which test you may want or even what’s going on in the world of your examinations. That way you can better prepare for the test.


Black Spectacles

You’ll be able to find all kinds of information about passing your exams and learning to design with Black Spectacles. It actually goes over different conferences, getting a job and subscriptions to different courses that can help you pass. There’s plenty of free information and a few paid services that are recommended as well.


Architecture Community News


World Architecture

There’s always something new going on in the world of architecture and with World Architecture you’ll learn all about the latest and greatest. It compiles information in the field from all over the world and talks about all aspects of architecture as well, rather than some websites that focus only on design news or only on structure or awards.


Architectural Record

With Architectural Record you get information about news, critiques and reviews that are happening all over. You’ll see editorial pieces, op-eds, interviews, book reviews and even commentary and criticism on current pieces. You’ll get an overall look at the world or architecture as it’s happening right now.


Architecture Software Tips


Arch Smarter

Software isn’t always the easiest to understand, but knowing all your features is extremely important. Arch Smarter lets you know more about a question of the week, how to use different types of software, tips and tricks and a whole lot more. There are also paid services to get courses and find out more in depth information about architecture programs.



Finally, we come to Autodesk, which actually offers different blogs for a range of different products. You can find options for their own products or for several different ones. That way you get the advice and the help that you need for the specific program that you’re using, rather than wading through a lot of information that’s no good for you.



All-in-all there are websites out there to help you with just about anything you could possibly need. Architecture is no exception. There are plenty of websites to turn to no matter what type of information or advice you’re looking for, just make sure you check out these ones for sure. They’re going to get you started right.