Social Media for Architects: [Choosing the Right Platforms]

Social media for architects and architecture firms can be an extremely cost effective way to improve your brand exposure as well as traffic to your business. It’s completely free in most cases (inexpensive in others) and it’s something that your customers and potential customers are already using, so you should be too!

Social media marketers use a range of different ‘channels’ from Instagram and SnapChat to Facebook and Twitter, and if you’re not using at least a few then you’re missing out on potential clients. Social media platforms like these are reaching out to approximately 2.5 billion people that are located all around the world, but they’re highly effective with smaller locales too. They make your message easy to pass on to others while being nearly instantaneous in delivery time. In the end, it’s one of the cheapest ways you’ll find to reach out to an ever expanding network of people, and increases the number of people visiting your website and interacting with your business. But which platforms should you be using?


Facebook for Architects

You didn’t think we were going to start anywhere else, did you? Facebook tops all social media channels for one big, important reason – it has a huge following! There are over 2 billion people actively using Facebook in any given month, and you definitely want to be part of what they see when they get there.

The process of setting up a Facebook page is super simple for businesses just like it is with a personal account. You’ll get a step-by-step process and you’ll get plenty of options for how to interact with your target audience. You can be professional by posting pictures and messages about your business, but you can also have some fun, sharing jokes or interacting with customers in different ways. The versatility is a great feature.


Instagram for Architects

Next up, a popular photo space. What could be easier than uploading a few pictures of your work and letting them do the talking for you? With Instagram you’re going to do exactly that. Crating an account is super easy, and as an Architecture business you have the potential to get some great results out of platforms like this because it’s all about sharing high quality images.

All you need to do is post photos and others will do the networking for you. Of course, this is a community, so you’ll need to do a little sharing of other people’s work and commenting on great work too. You can’t just sit back and expect everyone to love you without doing a little bit of networking yourself. One benefit here is that things are casual on Instagram, so use hashtags, emoji’s and all those things your business teachers told you never to do. The main key here is to post high quality and unique photos.


Houzz for Architects

This website is a little bit newer and doesn’t have a whole lot of monthly users, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore it. In fact, it’s one of the best places that an architect could be, because it’s actually made for the housing industry. You get to create your own page about your business that gives you space to share your ideas, your designs and a whole lot more, directly to an audience that is looking at housing options.

The people who use this site that aren’t architects or designers are using it to create their idea board of things they like or things they want to try and replicate, and that’s something that can help you get business. They can see what you have to offer, and they can offer feedback and reviews, helping you to reach out to even more new people.


LinkedIn for Architects

You may not think this is an area that you really need to be involved with, or at least not overly involved, but LinkedIn is an important place to be as well, and it doesn’t take quite as much networking as some of the other options here. You can create your business page (make sure it’s very professional) and then start reaching out to businesses that you work with in person and your current clients.

Starting with people you already know is key and it helps you to reach out to even more people as you continue on. Each person you know knows someone else, who knows someone else, who knows someone else that might need your services, and before you know it there are 20 more people on your LinkedIn page. You don’t necessarily get to share your portfolio here, but you can give information about your business and get people to your website.


Pinterest for Architects

Our final pick is Pinterest. In a world where pictures mean everything and everyone is looking for short and sweet this is a great way to appeal to people. They don’t need to be looking for your business in order to find your Pinterest page. Instead, they just need to be looking for something with keywords similar to what you provide. That makes it really easy for you to get your work and your name out to people that otherwise would never find you.

When you create your page here you want to add images that are fun, creative and show you’re best work. The more beautiful, amazing, creative or unique the work is the more likely it’s going to be shared a lot, and it should always link back to your website. That way, when someone goes to Pinterest to search for ‘unique room additions’ your pictures are going to pop up, and direct them to your website.


No matter what you’re currently doing to market your services you should be checking out social media to help you gain more followers and more clients. After all, you may end up with 100 new followers who never use your services, but those 100 followers might direct you to more followers who will hire you. The more people you reach, the more business you’ll get in the end.