Social media is one of the first essential marketing efforts any interior designer should take in successfully creating an online presence. It’s a place where many potential clients initially find you. They are seeking to catch a glimpse of your work and visual branding to determine whether or not you could be a good fit for them. 

When you finally grab the attention of your target audience, they’ll effortlessly fall in love with you and scramble to hire you in a heartbeat!

It’s a space where casual conversations happen and where you can show your personable side without the constraints of a rigid working environment. Social media is perfect for demonstrating your expertise in your field. Moreover, show that your company is human. Furthermore, offer advice and guidance on the topics that you’re well-versed in. It’s also where you can fully develop your brand voice and coherence. So, keep that in mind as you flesh out your content.

While social media may seem like it’s about posting fun pictures and waiting for the magic to happen, it’s really not that simple. Social media is ultimately a marketing tool. So, you must strategically utilize, properly assessing your reach and engagement––ultimately leading to the conversions you seek.

So by now, you’re probably wondering which social media platforms you should be using for your interior design firm. The average internet user is typically active on at least 5 different platforms. However, not all businesses have the bandwidth to utilize this many. It pays to hone into the prime platforms catered towards your industry and services. It allows you to focus all your efforts into the platforms that actually matter.

Here are the top 4 social media channels that we’ve found to be most ideal for promoting interior design businesses:


Pinterest is the number one social media platform that any interior designer should be focusing their efforts on––and here’s why. When people are looking for decor and design inspiration, where do they look first? Pinterest, of course! Pinterest is a social platform with the functionality of a search engine. 

It’s a great tool to bring people to your website, allowing people to learn more about your business. In addition to gaining significant reach on Pinterest, you are also kept in the loop about the latest design trends. It can help you gain inspiration for your own projects.

Your content is also effortlessly reshared via longevity. It means as long as people are searching for keywords relative to your content, it will always pop up. Whereas on other platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, your content loses visibility within a few days.


Want to get discovered? Instagram’s hashtags allow users to find you regardless of where you may be. You may be able to draw the attention of users from countries all over the world! Some of our favorite interior designers are from different countries spanning across Europe and Asia. The hashtag feature allows you to hone in on your target audience, tagging relevant keywords that are within your niche.

Instagram is also a great resource for customer service requests. Today, when people need answers quickly, they tend to go straight to Instagram. Because of its simple, direct messaging system and comment section instead of picking up the phone or shooting an email to a customer service representative. Be active and aware, as users may be seeking your help!


Centered around interior design, architecture, decorating, landscape design and home improvement, Houzz has useful functions and networking capabilities for anyone in the AEC industry. Not only can Houzz direct you to local leads. However, it can also benefit your overall SEO efforts by creating a profile on their platform.

On Houzz, you are given the space to share your ideas, your designs and a whole lot more––directly to an audience who are already in the know. It helps foster a sense of community within the design realm.

Their ‘ideabooks’ feature is similar to Pinterest boards in the way that you can send and receive feedback. However, on Houzz, you get a more in-depth experience with your clients than you would on Pinterest. The Houzz community shares a lot of design inspo to help you creatively envision for your next project.

It’s the perfect space for home renovators to connect with professionals like you. It will help you reach out to new people and to build valuable connections. 


Marie Kondo’s Facebook page

With over 2 billion users to date, Facebook is the largest social media platform to exist. Although this gargantuan platform has a ubiquitous presence online, it isn’t necessarily the place you’d think to search for an interior designer. 

Most people use this platform to keep in touch with friends or for entertainment purposes. However, as an interior designer, you can utilize this platform as a ‘shopfront’ since it’s an easy place to get seen, regardless.

An example of a local interior design page based in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

If you already have a business profile on Instagram, you should know that you also need a Facebook business page to run your business account. Use your Facebook business page to attract potential clients. Share your best content, similar to the manner when shops display their best products in their storefront window. Overall, Facebook is still a great way to connect with your audience and convey your company’s value.

Take the opportunity to advertise through local Facebook groups in your city, ultimately helping increase your local visibility. Make sure that your contact information such as your phone number, address, and email are available on your page. You can also opt to utilize Facebook ads, which run a bit cheaper than Google ads.

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Author: Jessica Ayre

Jessica is a communications specialist and aligns voice and personality with high quality brand messaging.

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