Like most architects out there, you are probably trying to figure out the most effective way to get your work noticed. You’ve got a nifty website with your work portfolio, complete with the widgets and animated scrolling, in addition to all of your social media profiles– So now what? How do you get people to actually start finding you online?

In this blog, we will elaborate on various tips and techniques on improving your search engine optimization (SEO) and proceed to dominate your presence on the internet. Get yourself out there! Through these tactful online marketing strategies, you can successfully cast the net, and increase the overall traffic that visits your page.

SEO For Architects

Search Engine Optimization is becoming an increasingly popular term in the world of online marketing. Simply put, utilizing SEO entails using a variety of strategies to increase your ranking in Google search results.

For example, if you are a San Francisco based architect and someone were to search “San Francisco Local Architect” on Google, you would ideally want to show up on the top results of that specific search.

To begin appearing on the top ranking results, you need to include terms on your website that people will probably search. In the latter example, you would want to include titles, headers, and content that incorporate important keywords such as “San Francisco Designers”, “Bay Area”, “Local Architect”, “California Architect”, “Northern California”, etcetera.

A stagnant website may tell visitors that you don’t care enough to engage with them – Aim to use at least 4 to 5 keywords, while also regularly updating your website. This helps in communicating with potential customers that you are active and available.

Your titles and headers are what will appear in the preview on a Google search. You must always include specific titles and headers so that viewers can pinpoint exactly what they are looking for, especially if they are looking for someone like you.

If you manage a blog on your website, it is recommended to update it at least once or twice a month. When writing blog posts, quality over quantity goes a long way. Content must be grammatically correct and ideally, there should be a sense of true engagement with your audience. Google’s algorithm ranks sites with better quality content higher, over those who skimp out on quality and choose to churn out content without any thought.

It is typical for most architects to design their sites with other architects in mind. In other words, design your website for your targeted audience. Doing so is appealing to potential clients, as it demonstrates your overall knowledge and familiarity in your field. Encapsulate the essence of who you are as an architect, and why you are the best choice for a project.

Design for Multi-Platform Compatibility

Chances are, most people are going to be browsing the internet on their smartphones. While it’s still important to have a professionally designed website for desktop viewing, it’s just as important to have it optimized for mobile browsing.

If a potential client comes across your website on their smartphone and finds that it is difficult to navigate, they will most likely exit out of the browser as fast as they can. In 2019, we have no time to waste on websites that are obviously behind in the times.

To be completely real, fumbling and pinching in and out on an iPhone screen to mess with an unoptimized website is the last thing that anyone wants to do. You definitely don’t want to miss out on the mobile traffic that comes across your page, so make sure that it loads properly and quickly on all mobile devices– smartphones, tablets, etcetera.

Increase your Social Media Presence

Be sure to take advantage of all of the available social media options that are out there! Many architects seem to overlook the powerful benefits of building a strong social media presence.

One of the purposes of social media is to foster a sense of community and conversation amongst all types of people, all over the internet. Build upon your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn profiles, and be sure to join in on the conversation.

Think about how great it feels when your favorite celebrity finally replies to your comments on social media. As an architecture firm, you should reply to and like comments but more importantly, acknowledge your audience and your community. The more you engage with your viewers, the more you build rapport with them and with Google.

Don’t forget to include backlinks to your main website on all of your social media profiles. For example, you can provide a backlink to your latest blog post on an Instagram story, or you can design a teaser carousel of sorts displaying all of your latest projects, telling users that they can “see more” by clicking on the provided link. This is an effective way to drive traffic to your page.

The downside to social media is how time consuming people find it to be. You may get to a point where it is easier to let someone else manage it for your firm. This not only frees up time in your schedule, but also allows highly trained professionals to take it on an represent your company for you.

Utilizing Backlinks

You may have heard of the term backlink, but might not be quite sure what it means. Backlinks are used on other websites that link back to your website. This plays another crucial part in Google’s algorithm– the more that your website is organically referenced on another page, the more it is likely that it will rank higher on a Google search. It proves credibility and a sense of trust. Wikipedia is a great example of a website domain that utilizes backlinks.

However, as an architect, you want your website to be backlinked on pages such as your social media profiles so that visitors know where to find you. ArchDaily is an architecture based networking site, and is another great way for your targeted audience to come across your page. Always ensure that your URL is up-to-date on your networking profiles!

If you choose to submit your work to design blogs or lifestyle websites, you can also use that as an opportunity to link back to your own page.

It’s all about establishing your web presence at any given chance possible. The more you establish yourself through backlinks, the higher you will rank on a Google search.

Taking Your SEO Efforts One Step at a Time Yields Big Results

Through time, you will find that your website will gradually rise on Google rankings once you implement these SEO tips and techniques. Don’t lose patience if you are having trouble getting up there– It takes a bit of time to truly establish yourself online.

It is important to remember that proper formatting and consistency is key when it comes to designing your website. Professionally laid out websites that entail consistent content prove to the Google algorithm that your website is trustworthy and credible.

Here at Bizop Media, we can assist you with all of your SEO needs. Regardless of how small or large your architecture firm is, we can guarantee quality work and assure that you can move up in SEO ranking through our tried and true methods. Feel free to reach out for a free consultation today!

Author: Jessica Ayre

Jessica is a communications specialist and aligns voice and personality with high quality brand messaging.

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