Establish Trust in Your Firm with Social Media

With the digital world, it can be hard to know who to trust online. With the right balance of authority, helpfulness, and intimacy, anyone can begin building strong relationships with their social followers. Knowing how to self-promote is the last step, where you can pull all of your efforts together and find the benefit of spreading the word of your company among your social platforms.

Starting with authority, you can start positioning yourself in situations where you are the expert, sharing new ideas and discoveries with a community. Keep in mind there is much more to being an expert than just claiming the expert title; most people judge the authoritativeness based on the quality of work you produce.

The more people view you as an authoritative figure, they more the clients will reach out for your help. Helpfulness is another way you can gain trust from your group of followers. As the influencer, it is your job to reach out and answer questions, participate in discussions, and solve problems for others.

Remember, it is very easy to hide behind a computer and speak on behalf of a company 24/7, but it is actually important to remind others that a person is the thought leader, not the company. Adding real people from your company into your social media posts will generate a more intimate experience with your community.

Lastly, self-promotion is worth mentioning because it’s the main purpose for even building the social relationships, right? We can’t stress this enough: talking about your company (or yourself) too much is a huge turn off and will cause people to trust you less. Always put your clients’ needs first, deliver value to your social network, and you will become trusted. This is where your company will truly thrive.

At Bizop, our team believes anyone with a valuable enterprise is worthy of trust, but we also understand filtering through the crowd can be very difficult. This makes it very easy for the best firms to get overlooked. We specialize in helping AEC + design industries build trust with their online communities. Please feel free to reach out with any questions; we are always happy to help!