Email Marketing for Interior Designers: [6 Key Tips + Template]

Email continues to be one of the most profitable digital channels available going into 2019, so it’s no wonder so many interior designers are looking to create email marketing strategies for their own design firms. Over the past 2 years we’ve had the great privilege to manage hundreds of email marketing campaigns and have sent over 1 million individual emails in that time, many with ROI of over 4000%. Sending this many emails has taught us several things about creating successful campaigns, which we’d like to share with you today. Here are Bizop’s 6 key tips to help your interior design business flourish in the world of email marketing.

1: Set clear goals for your campaigns

The first step to a successful email marketing campaign is clearly defining your primary goal. Unlike websites or SEO, email marketing is a “quick touch” type of engagement that performs best when it includes a single primary offer with one primary goal. The primary goal may be getting users to signup for a demo, read a blog post, complete a lead generation form, or any other action you’d like them to take after reading the email. With only 15 – 20 seconds to get your reader’s attention, you must explain your offer and the desired next step as clearly as possible.

2: Write a compelling headline

After you have defined your campaign goal and created an offer, it’s time to focus on arguably the single most important part of an email – the headline. This is where most people fail to spend enough time and effort. They rush through the headline and in-turn, create uncompelling copy. Some tips for creating an engaging headline: Use trigger words such as: why, what, how, when. For example, “How to Make a Room Feel Bigger in 5 Easy Steps”. This headline combines trigger words with a specific problem you are solving for the reader, making them much more likely to read more. When in doubt about your headline – test, test, test. Even if you’re not a wordsmith, most email platforms allow you to create A/B tests easily – so you really have no excuse for poor headlines.

3: Write engaging preview text

Once you have the perfect headline written, the next step is to write the preview text. Similar to the headline, we use the preview text to encourage the user to open the email. Here you may want to summarize what information they will find in the email. Or you can use preview text to pique the reader’s curiosity, without telling them exactly what’s inside. Preview text tips: Include relevant keywords that interest your readers and test, test, test.

4: Create a clear call to action

Within each email you should have at least one clear and concise “Call to Action” that tells the reader what step you want them to take next. This Call to Action may be copy asking users to signup for a demo, read your blog, schedule a consultation, – whatever action you would like them to take after they read the email. An example of a Call to Action: “Looking to maximize the space of your small home? Get in touch with an interior design rep today for your free design consultation. [Get in Touch With a Rep button]”. Having a clear CTA will help improve your email click through rates.

5: Get creative with your images (or GIFs)

Long gone are the days of boring, plain text email. Modern email browsers now allow you to display your brand in a wide variety of creative ways that were once unavailable to email. With images and GIFs, you can create engaging emails that are not only great to read, but are visually stunning as well. Some tips for email images: Use high quality images for newer devices, try using GIFs to create movement, set your Alt attributes just in case the user has images disabled. Don’t be afraid to get creative here and send some tests to yourself to see how it looks. You’d be surprised how far a little creativity can go with email images and graphics.

6: Use Sequences & Workflows

Once you’ve got the perfect campaign ready to go, you can automate these new campaigns through sequences and workflows. For example, say you have someone sign up for a consultation with one of your reps. You could have an email workflow running that automatically sends the reader the details and time of their consultation after they sign up for a consultation. Or perhaps you want to automatically send some educational info that will be helpful for the reader before their consultation. Both of these, and many other, options are possible with automated email workflows.

Bonus: Free Interior Design Email Template

As promised, here’s a custom Mailchimp email template created by our amazing email marketing team here at Bizop. This template is based on an email campaign that was sent to over 100,000 readers over the course of a few months. Now it has been recreated and made into a template just for you. We hope you enjoy it!

Download My Free Interior Design Email Template

That’s all for today, we hope you got some insight into email marketing for interior designers. If you have any questions about email marketing in general, or would like to talk to a marketing rep about email marketing services for your design firm, feel free to get in touch.