The problem:

KLEIN, a global sliding door system manufacturer, was faced with the problem of getting sales proposals out to prospective clients in a timely, consistent manner.

The sales team was faced with the challenge of creating custom presentations that explained the company in detail, highlighted key products, and provided itemized quotes to ideal clients.

The problem that came from creating a new proposal from scratch every time resulted in inconsistency with brand, messaging, unnecessary typos, and wasted time.

The solution:

KLEIN tasked the Bizop team with creating an on-brand proposal, editable only in certain spots. Thoughtfully, we took the presentation and broke it down into three main sections:

About KLEIN: This section highlighted the history of the company, the team, and their values.

KLEIN Products: This section highlighted each of the sliding systems, braking systems, and accessories. Included within each slide, we also included custom solutions for each product in terms of finish options and dimensions.

Client Options: This section was the most editable for the sales team, allowing them to insert particular specs and suggestions for the client, as well as custom quotes to review.

The result:

Today, the sales team is able to hop on a discovery call, learn about a project, and develop a custom 20+ page, beautifully designed, and on-brand proposal in mere minutes.

Proposals are generated faster, with fewer mistakes, and more opportunities to land their products into large build-out projects.

Lastly, the proposal created a systemized process that allows the sales team to put out content to leads that are on brand, delivers a high-quality message and impression, and saves them time.