Whether you are an independent freelancer or working for a well-established firm, a common theme for everyone within the architectural industry is maintaining a steady workflow of new projects. There is always work to be done. However, you may be wondering how to consistently keep a productive pace while also increasing overall traffic to your business. So introduce the idea of content marketing for architects.

Content marketing allows architects an opportunity to reach out and connect with their audience through a harmonious flow of valuable, relevant information. Therefore, you should always aim to provide valuable content that your audience will want to reference time and time again, and ultimately prove to be beneficial to their needs.

With content marketing comes the basic principle of content writing––this is the essential backbone of any successful marketing campaign. Think about it––it would be difficult to take poorly written content seriously. Especially if it was peppered with grammatical errors and hummed a weak drive.

Without vivid, thoughtfully written content, you are also leaving your visitors to interpret your brand as they please. The end goal should be to provide your audience with a clear, singular takeaway upon reading while remaining consistent across all platforms.

Establishing an effective content marketing campaign woven with pristine, impeccable rhetoric can greatly increase awareness of your brand. Furthermore, build a strong SEO foundation, and solidify a customer base that will keep coming back for more.

There are several different ways to define your presence in the digital world. Moreover, some of the most popular forms of content are blogs, case studies, email marketing, hosting a YouTube channel, podcasting, and social media. 

Therefore, keep on reading to learn more about how to reap the benefits of each of these content marketing strategies, and successfully drive traffic to your website.


Starting with one of the most popular forms of content marketing, blogging. It is a renowned platform for establishing one’s expertise in a field and sharing educational material. Through regularly writing and updating your blogs, architects like you can build a reputation. Moreover, you can gain trust from readers who may find inspiration in your work. 

Having trouble thinking of topics to write about? Remember, you are writing with your current prospects in mind. What is important to your target audience? Do they have any known qualms that could be addressed? What are some critical issues or hot topics that are being discussed in your industry?

Hosting a blog is intended to frame you as an expert––so don’t be afraid to be thought-provoking and even controversial! Incorporating these factors into your blogs can help catch your audience’s attention. 

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Case Studies

The Glasgow Riverside Museum of Transport and Travel by Zaha Hadid Architects. You can find the full 5 part case study on this extravagant structure here. Image via Pinterest.

As a supplement to blogging, case studies can also provide educational material for your target audience and prospective clients. Case studies are written proof of how your services have benefited previous clients, helping leverage your reputation and brand. This type of content is going to be most effective in your content marketing strategy. It is solid proof is what interests potential clients the most. 

To enhance your case studies, you can opt to include visuals such as high-quality images or even demonstrative videos of your work. Keep in mind that case studies are for the “big league” architecture firms. So, if you are working for a relatively large firm, having a case studies section on your website is essential.

Check out some of the previous case studies we’ve generated for our clients.

Email Marketing

Starting an email list is a fundamental component in your content marketing strategy. As social media can be unpredictable, it’s always a good idea to have an established list of people who are interested in your services and what you have to offer. You can use email marketing to deepen your existing relationships with valuable clients, providing them with curated, personalized content.

Trying to decide on how often you should send out emails? That’s entirely up to you. It can be as often as every week, or twice every month. You can opt to recommend articles that have inspired you. So, share your own current musings and blogs, and even current projects you are working on. 


Videos have always been an effective way of catching people’s attention, especially when strategically placed on your website’s landing page. You can dramatically increase your brand awareness, expand your online engagement. Moreover, you can even improve your overall SEO ranking on Google search results by creating visually appealing content.

As the largest online platform for video sharing, YouTube is an ideal place to host your own videos. In the place, you can bring your projects to life, discuss new happenings within your industry and contribute new design ideas to the architecture community. 

Embedding videos within your email marketing newsletters and social media platforms is a strategy that is highly recommended. In fact, you can even opt to present your case studies in a YouTube video, like this Vermont based architecture firm. A proper showcase of high-quality visuals can make all the difference!



Following in the footsteps of blogging and video marketing, podcasts are a relatively new way to push content to your subscribers. With podcasts, you can also position yourself to be an expert in your field. It is just likes with written and video blogging.

As a new and upcoming medium, there is plenty of room in the architecture field to expand your podcast presence. Podcasts are inexpensive and require minimal effort to produce, allowing you to reach a broader audience at almost no expense.

Unlike blogs and videos, podcasts are a type of content marketing for architects that the audience can listen on the go. Your audience can opt to listen to your podcasts in the car, at the gym, or even on their own leisure time. It takes less effort to listen than it does to sit down and read or watch something. So, incorporating podcasts into your content may prove to be beneficial for your exposure. Give your audience a variety of media options!

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Social Media

[The official Instagram profile of Zaha Hadid Architects]

Remembering to keep in touch with your clients is a sure way to gain their trust over time while at the same time, re-enforce your branding. Most AEC firms use social media applications such as Instagram, Facebook, Houzz and LinkedIn. These platforms are a perfect environment for nurturing relationships between yourself and your target audience. It proves to be a successful yet casual way to maintain a relevant connection.

However effortless a social media campaign may seem, it is not always wise to rely solely on this method. Studies have shown that social media engagement has been declining. Email marketing, YouTube and general advertising are more successful in generating more traffic and leads. 

It’s not to say that social media is completely dying. Therefore, even though social media is accessible to almost anyone, it is not a guaranteed, sustainable marketing strategy in the long-run. If anything, social media is a great place to get discovered and start conversations. However, the traffic that ultimately matters is your frequent website visitors.

Regardless of the content strategy, you choose to implement for your firm. However, remember that consistency is always key to a successful marketing campaign. Therefore, be consistent, relevant and always ensure that your copy is well-written when executing these methods!

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Author: Jessica Ayre

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