It’s only human to adapt a daily routine. From your morning routine to your evening routine, people typically follow a pattern of living. 

Consistency is key in our everyday lives, and it should also be adapted into your social media marketing efforts.

Consistency is Key

Imagine if one of your favorite websites abruptly stopped uploading new content everyday. It would ultimately be a letdown, and you’d probably seek an alternative.

People read Architectural Digest or scroll through Instagram stories for hours because of the consistent production of new, high quality content they get from these sources.

To keep your audience in the loop, you’ve got to consistently generate content geared towards their interest. 

Establish your brand: # 1 social media marketing efforts

Branding yourself comes with keen consistency. To truly establish your brand through an online presence, you must be consistent with your messaging and with your voice.

Stay on topic with the industry that you serve –– but don’t be afraid to deviate from the norm every now and then as your brand needs. 

Establish your brand

People enjoy seeing relevant content, but it’s always a treat to see things out of the ordinary. It brings a human element to your brand story. 

For example, as an architecture firm, it’s more than likely that you post content mainly related to your projects. However, you can consider occasionally posting a photo of a delicious lunch at a favorite restaurant, or your cute and cuddly pet enjoying a nap in a suave setting. 

Through everyday instances, you can find ways to relate with your audience apart from your business. It’s a great way to engage with your audience and consistently keep them interested.

Integrate a posting schedule

Let’s say you do really well on posting solid content for a couple of weeks. You notice an increase in followers and engagement, but find yourself skipping out on posting for a couple of days. 

This is very easy to fall into once you start seeing results, but don’t stop there. It’s important to consistently and continually post content even after you reach your goals. 

social media marketing efforts

We’ve all been in this situation before, and we know that creating content can be a meticulous process–– especially if you are planning content the day it needs to be posted.

Save yourself the stress, and start scheduling your content in advance. Use scheduling software like Hootsuite or Tailwind to help manage your social media marketing efforts with ease.

social media marketing efforts

Once you learn how to tie in consistent branding, voice and a posting schedule, your only job from there would be to maintain the role of expert in your field. Continue to deliver the best content you can create, and you’ll surely have a booming online presence in no time.

social media marketing efforts

At Bizop Media, we specialize in optimizing digital presence within the AEC + Design industries. Our dedicated team help your company reach its fullest potential throughout the online realm. 

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Author: Alexandria Swanson

Alex is a marketing project manager and serves as the primary liason between clients and all Bizop Media technicians.

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