Consistency is Key to AEC Social Media Marketing

Consistency is key, right? We have heard this a million times before. But if it’s not a motto you generally live by, you should rethink that when it comes to your consistent social media marketing efforts.

As humans, we love routine. Imagine if the site you frequently visit during your morning coffee stopped updating content, you would find another routine, right? It is the same with your social media presence. Your target clients will find other firms to follow. In the competitive world of architects and designers, that is the last thing you need to add to your plate.

Being consistent encapsulates all the duties you carry out on social media, starting with your branding. If you don’t have a brand, it’s time to find one. Design your branding around your ideal client. Ask yourself what their preferences are and it gets much easier from there.

Your brand voice needs to also stay the same. Remember people use social media (most times) to show their best, true selves. Be consistent with your messaging and you will always have pleased followers. Keep in mind this doesn’t mean you can’t admit to fault or ask for advice on your platforms. Encouraging real engagement is a great idea, especially when you have worked really hard to grow such a solid network of people. Putting your guard down at times only allows more room for intimacy with your followers and builds trust.

Lastly, let’s talk about a posting schedule. How familiar does this sound? You do really well posting solid content for a couple weeks and you see an increase in followers and engagement, then you skip a couple days planning out your posts and before you know it, you are planning your posts the day of. Then, something comes up that day and you end up not posting a few days in a row and it keeps spiraling from there. We have all been in this situation! Creating content is hard and a full-time job for a lot of people. The solution to this is first, establish a content schedule that works for you. No, you do not have to begin by posting everyday if you do not have the time, but the key is to be consistent when you do post. Plan your posts at least 2 weeks in advanced, and use a scheduling system like Hootsuite to automate the process.

Once you bring together consistent branding, voice, and posting schedule, your only job from there is to maintain the role of expert in your field, delivering only the best content you can create, and you will have yourself a popular online presence in no time.

At Bizop Media, we specialize in optimizing digital presence within the AEC + Design industries. Our team is dedicated in helping your company reach its full potential in the online world. Be sure to find us on social media for more tips to help improve your firm. If you are more interested in handing the responsibility over to our team, schedule a consultation today!