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The Role of the Student: [Wanted Design Brooklyn 2019]

Last month, our team had the opportunity to attend WantedDesign in Manhattan and Brooklyn. A teeming hub of budding designers, WantedDesign was definitely a buzzing event for the design industry. We got the chance to speak with numerous upcoming designers, as well as a couple of established designers in the field. While each individual designer […]

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How can architects rank high on google [SEO]?

Like most architects out there, you are probably trying to figure out the most effective way to get your work noticed. You’ve got a nifty website with your work portfolio, complete with the widgets and animated scrolling, in addition to all of your social media profiles– So now what? How do you get people to […]

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5 Ways to Improve Bounce Rate for Your Interior Design Website

Your website seems to generate a lot of traffic, but for some reason, that traffic doesn’t end up sticking around. Every day, millions of people are browsing the internet, clicking on websites and then clicking out of them only seconds after landing on a page. Maybe it wasn’t the website they were looking for, maybe […]

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