Commercial office design has come a long way from the traditional cubicle farms. It’s been a steady wave of innovative, thoughtful and sustainable trends being integrated into the modern workspace, and we are here for it.

Recently, we’ve observed how office design is taking elements from the home–– by incorporating more warm colors and natural light to funky breakout spaces adorned with comfy sofas, plants, and functional furniture. 

Coming up, we’ve compiled some of our favorite office design inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram that highlight contemporary offices. Check out these design inspirations to spark some ideas for your next project! 

Best Platforms for Office Design Inspiration

When it comes to brainstorming ideas and envisioning office design, there’s no better place to look than on platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram–– people are naturally drawn towards visual-based content with high-quality images. 


Instagram is an ideal starting point–– it’s a plentiful hub of diverse styles you can pull your inspiration from. You can follow accounts and hashtags to discover the latest office interior trends.

Some popular hashtags include: #instadesign #designer #officestyle #installation #modernoffice #decoration #rendering #officedecoration #interiorarchitecture #modernofficefurniture #commercialdesign #decorationideas #tech #officedesigntrends #architect #luxuryofficedesign #designinspiration

And our top account picks on Instagram for office inspo include the following:

Office Snapshots (@officesnapshots)

This account is brimming with gorgeous office interiors–– from clean, modern aesthetics to quirky, vivid furnishings, you’re sure to find something to awaken the vision inside of you. 

Teknion (@teknion)

Teknion–– a valued client of our own–– manufactures some of the highest quality, beautifully designed office furniture on the market. 

If you’re looking for high-end, functional and thoughtful furniture for your workspace, look no further. Teknion leads the industry in office design, so check them out for inspiration if you want to see what the pack-leaders do. (PS–– Their height-adjustable desk is life-changing.)

Marie Kondo (@mariekondo)

While Marie Kondo isn’t necessarily an interior designer, it’s her overall attitude and approach that we want to adopt as our own. For those of you unfamiliar with the Netflix star’s “konmari” method, it simply means to simplify and organize your life. 

Kondo emphasizes minimalism–– a general attitude to keep when designing in this style. Konmari isn’t just for homes, it can be applied to offices too! A tidy work area can contribute to increased work productivity, a win-win for all.


Pinterest is a great resource to take the next step, whether you are utilizing the pinning feature to create mood boards, or redirecting to specific websites to specify and order merchandise for your new office.

To give you an idea of where to start, we’ve selected three essential boards that we think may help you hone in on more specific products and overall structure. 

Office Architecture (@architecture-office)

Seeing the overall structure of a space can help you envision how to assimilate your designs appropriately. Although interior design is just as important, the encapsulating architecture of a space can help shape a room with the right furniture. 

Office Interior Design (@interior-design-offices)

Similar to @officesnapshots, this Pinterest board has a collection of various office interiors from multiple sources. It’s a supplement to the former mentioned, giving you more choices of interiors to draw your muse from. 

Furniture and Accessories (@modern-office-design)

On this last board, we chose to include a board solely dedicated to modern office furniture. There are numerous pins showcasing all sorts of ergonomic office chairs, standing desks, and even office accessories. 

The Importance of Great Design

While we specialize in digital marketing, we know the importance of having a well-designed, functional and aesthetically balanced work area. A well-designed office can ultimately be used as a tool that can increase and retain work productivity. 

We’re fortunate enough to truly be living in the time of the “workplace of the future”–– where thoughtful design is implemented for the wellbeing of the worker. 

Author: Jessica Ayre

Jessica is a communications specialist and aligns voice and personality with high quality brand messaging.

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