Bizop Helps a Global Building Product Manufacturer Increase Organic Website Traffic by 22% in 90 days: An SEO Case Study.

Company Background:

  • Over 15 Years in Business
  • Global Building Material Supplier for Interior Architects & Designers

Client Problem:

  • Stagnated organic web traffic
  • Declining conversions
  • Slow website load times

Solutions Implemented:

  • SEO Audit, On-Page SEO Optimizations, Off-Page SEO Optimizations
  • Website Audit, Server & Speed Optimizations

First 90 Day Results:

  • 22.5% Increase in organic traffic vs previous 90 days
  • 2800+ New users brought to site vs previous 90 days
  • 13.5% Increase in on-site conversions (contacts, rep requests, sample requests) vs previous 90 days
  • 500+ New organic leads vs previous 90 days
  • 8 New Target Keywords (6600/mo Total Search Volume) Ranked for on Google Page 1 within 90 days
  • 90 Day Est Website Revenue Increase: $280,000 – $330,000
  • 90 Day Est ROI: 1100% – 1300%

Read the full case study HERE.

Author: Nathan Wilbanks

Nathan is a full-stack digital marketer specializing in consultation and strategy development for Bizop Media.

Connect with Nathan on:

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