In 2019, the architecture industry had a revenue of almost 300 billion. 

These numbers show how in-demand architecture is around the current world. It also tells us how much competition exists among architecture businesses and the design industry as a whole. Given how much revenue there is, it’s important to know how to stand out as an architecture business in order to gain a piece of the giant pie. 

Understanding architecture marketing, as well as interior design marketing, can help you prioritize efforts to gain the best ROI. 

Chances are that you want your architecture firm to stand out, and to do so, a good website is the best place to start. A website is a starting point in every business. It shows your services, your past work, the quality of your services, and how you can solve your client’s problems. 

In many ways, a website will either break or make your business. But if your website hasn’t been updated in years, it can leave the wrong impression on your target market. 

Here are 5 ways an above average website can improve architectural-focused marketing efforts and better connect you to future clients and jobs. 

1. It Represents Your Brand

When you work towards a beautifully designed website for your architecture business, it will better represent your brand. It tells visitors a story about who you are, what values your company represents, and more. 

Your brand is the story your customers feel when they see your website, your logo, your content, or another part of your business. The story is about the customer and how you are helping them solve a problem. 

When you have a good website that has beautiful pictures of your work, it gives your target market a better idea of how you can help them and if you can create something that they can only dream of.

In addition, when your website has fast uploads, easy navigation, and caters to the user experience, it also better represents your brand. It represents a brand that is flawless and takes the time to maintain their website for optimal performance.

You want your target market to see your company as busy, efficient, and professional. You need them to see the value of your firm, and it starts with how your website is designed and functions.  

2. More Content

A good website also delivers quality content, including an informational blog or case studies to showcase previous work. By implementing a consistent calendar of updated content, you are ultimately helping your website perform better and improve overall marketing efforts for your architecture website. 

When you have quality content on your website that caters to your target market, it shows that your company is putting the necessary work to prove reputable status in the architectural realm. When focusing on content and portfolio pieces, you are showing future clients that you not only have skill in your trade but also can provide thought leadership in your industry. 

Your content can provide helpful answers to common questions. Additionally, content can give you the opportunity to build trusted relationships with future clients.

Lastly, a good website with consistent content that has keyword-rich language can help your company show up in search results more frequently. When your architecture website is SEO optimized, it can help drive more traffic to your business. This opens up many more opportunities for business growth when your website becomes search optimized, allowing for the chance to build strong funnels to nurture your newly acquired leads.

3. Caters to Your Target Market

Another benefit to a good website that is properly planned and executed is surfaced around the aspect of differentiation. Your website is your online storefront, and a great opportunity to set yourself apart from the competition to better identify with your target market.

A good website should always address the target market’s problems. It should cater to their needs and offer a solution to their issues.

You can prove to users who land on your website that you are qualified, relatable, and trustworthy by keeping the focus on their needs. 

4. Stay Ahead of Your Competitors

Having a good website also helps you stay ahead of your competitors. 

When your website is more SEO optimized, offers more quality content, and looks aesthetically better, your target market will often come (AND STAY) on your website more often than your competitor’s websites.

5. Shows Your Work & Testimonials

Lastly, a good website can improve your marketing strategy because it shows your most recent work and the testimonials behind your work. Your website has social proof. 

Having social proof of what people say about your work helps bring in more customers because they trust what other people say. 

As mentioned above, another good asset to consider including on your website is a case study focused page. It’s a great way to see what the problem and solution were between you and a client, proving that you are qualified for projects.

When it comes to showing your work, a good website can highlight the design, the structure, and the planning of your architecture work. It should show every aspect of your work and how you are very thorough in how you help clients. 

Overall, when you have a good website, it helps you bring in more qualified leads. You are not only getting traffic to your website, but you are getting people who want to hire you. A website should take the guessing out of the equation, allowing the client to know exactly the kind of work you will produce for them. 

Why a Good Website Helps With Your Architecture Marketing Strategy

As discussed, a good website is made up of a few very important components including strong brand image, content, competitive differences, and social proof.

Since a website is considered a storefront for your firm, the purpose is to always make sure your company is represented truthfully and professionally. Doing this well will only help you show up more in organic search.

We have helped many companies develop and transform their online presence effectively through a strong website. If you want help with your company’s website, you can start by contacting us here.  

Author: Alexandria Swanson

Alex is a marketing project manager and serves as the primary liason between clients and all Bizop Media technicians.

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