Growing an audience on saturated social platforms such as Instagram can be easy. With the use of hashtags in posts and following new accounts, you are sure to gain a following in no time. 

Insert the idea of the $1.80 strategy to Get Engagement on Instagram.

The challenge comes when you find that follows are cheap, and you would like to become more “social” within a targeted niche. In this blog, we talk about how this strategy can help you to get more Engagement on Instagram. We also discuss how to grow your Instagram account meaningfully with these slight adjustments in your approach.

The first question to ask yourself is: How are you engaging on Instagram these days? Probably with comments, likes, and a whole lot of scrolling. But how focused are you on your target demographic?

Generic comments are all the hype on Instagram, however, that’s not the kind of attention we advise you to attract. Here, we will talk about how to get real engagement from actual humans. The actual users share the same interests, in return helping you grow your professional network.

Step 1: Learn how to write authentic comments

$1.80 Engagement on Instagram

Imagine this: there are benefits to being social on social media!

But in the design industry, it can be easy to resort to generic comments. It provides little thought when it comes to interacting with the masses on social media. So, there are so many creative and admirable images flooding the platform daily.

Try pointing out specific colors in images, the emotions evoked in a space, or a cute little cat in the corner. Putting that extra thought into your comment will show your human qualities

Step 2: Niche down your hashtags

$1.80 Strategy use hashtags

Picking the 10 most relevant hashtags most used in your industry. It is also the key element in the $1.80 strategy to get more engagement on Instagram.

A few examples of hashtags that generate the most posts related to design are #architecture #interiordesign and #archdaily. However, we recommending niching down much deeper than that.

By carefully selecting the hashtags tailored to your work, you can effectively stay within the lane of your target demographic. Moreover, you can attract like-minded accounts who are also interested in the same matters as you are.

Step 3: Leave your $0.02.
($0.02 x 90 Comments = $1.80 Strategy)

Engagement on Instagram

The $1.80 Instagram Strategy, as discussed by its founder, Gary Vaynerchuk –– is all about leaving your two cents through meaningful and inquisitive comments on 9 top posts, of the top 10 hashtags of your target niche. This allows you to become a part of the conversation on the top trending posts in your specific design niche. 

Cheesy, but the math totally adds up–$.02 to 9 posts of 10 industry-related hashtags equals $1.80.

Instagram has quickly become one of the top social media channels for businesses to thrive. 

Being within the design industry, you are bound to have beautiful visual content that fits the channel perfectly, as well as aspirational images and inspirational projects that take people away from the mundane. 

Consider the $1.80 Instagram Strategy as the cherry on top of your marketing strategy––it’s genuine and inquisitive. Want to hear more, check out the strategy directly from Gary V:

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Author: Athina Gorre

Athina is a social media marketing specialist who grows brand awareness and engagement for global and national A&D firms.

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