With a lifestyle buzzing with constant hustle and bustle, design podcasts have become progressively popular in recent times. It is attracting more and more entrepreneurs, small business owners and the like. Podcasts are educational and even entertaining. Moreover, they’re full of useful resources that can help you gain a broader understanding of your industry. In addition, it will help to understand your profession and your overall purpose. 

For those of us within the building & AEC industry, there is a broad selection of design podcasts. Consequently, it will help inspire your next project. You can learn plenty about the latest happenings in the architecture and design world, all through recorded conversations and storytelling. 

From architecture and design students to seasoned professionals, there are podcasts for everyone! Keep on reading for our top 21 picks that you should be tuning into.

1. The Chaise Lounge Podcast


Nick May is the charming host and founder of The Chaise Lounge. As a Denver based painting contractor, Nick is well-versed in the realm of design and all it encompasses. So, he is dedicated to delving deep into the current issues of interior design and helping designers grow their individual businesses. 

Join Nick on The Chaise Lounge as he interviews top designers from across the world. He reveals valuable insight and first-hand knowledge about the world of construction and interior design. So, learn what makes these renowned specialists tick, what inspires them, and how they run their firm today. 

Kick back, relax, and tune into The Chaise Lounge with a glass of Chardonnay in hand. Get ready to immerse yourself in the business of interior design with Nick May and his featured guests.

2. 99% Invisible


Have you ever wondered about things like how the wacky inflatable men came to be known fixtures at used car lots? Or an in-depth look at pockets in women’s clothing? What about multifunctional WWII furniture intended to serve as everyday furniture AND a bomb shelter? 

99% Invisible is a podcast devoted to unveiling the history of everyday objects and design around us. It is also helping to connect the dots between the past and present. With over 250 million downloads, 99% Invisible is one of the most popular podcasts on iTunes.

It’s a known fact that design surrounds us in every part of our lives. Moreover, whether we realize it or not, it’s easy to forget the importance of the things that we may use or come across every day. 

Through this weekly exploration of the process and power of design and architecture, 99% Invisible is an enlightening podcast. It appeals to people of all backgrounds, including people outside of the AEC industry.

3. Business of Architecture


The Business of Architecture podcast was created for aspiring architects who are seeking to manage and run a profitable enterprise. Started by host Enoch Bartlett Sears AIA in 2011, this podcast was a way for him to “scratch his own itch”.

Ever since the inception of this program, Enoch has been on a mission to share strategies, tips, and secrets. So, it has become a thriving firm in the architecture world. He is known for adopting the “ArchitectCEO” mindset. He believes you must think like a CEO and not an architect to achieve maximum profit. 

In Business of Architecture, you can tune into interviews with successful architects and consultants. Therefore, they can provide beneficial insight into their practices and methods.

4. Design Matters


As the very first design podcast, Design Matters has been broadcasting for over 13 years to date. Hosted by Debbie Millman, she regularly interviews designers, educators, authors, and thinkers alike who help broaden the world of creative culture. 

Debbie knew she had to share the brilliance of her guests. Moreover, Design Matters was the perfect platform for her to yield these meritable conversations and discussions. She also started out by broadcasting her interviews through a telephone modem from her office in the Empire State Building. However, eventually transitioned to distributing them for free on the iTunes store––ultimately becoming the first design podcast to be circulated on iTunes.

Today, Design Matters is highly regarded as one of the best podcasts available on the iTunes store. It has won several awards, including The People’s Choice Cooper Hewitt National Design Award in 2011. Moreover, Debbie has been congratulated for her success by former First Lady Michelle Obama herself.

5. About Buildings + Cities


This independently-run podcast features an in-depth look into architecture, buildings, and cities. It’s hosted by two British architects Luke Jones and George Gingell––who also touch on technology, film, fiction, comics, drawings and in their words, “the dimly imagined future”. 

Some notable topics of discussion on their show include a book review of Ayn Rand’s The Foundationhead where they explore the architecture of famous dystopias. Moreover, how architects (Howard Roark) should ideally be depicted in fiction, as well as Living the Roman Good Life with Pliny––a comprehensive glimpse into what ancient Romans considered to be an ideal villa. 

6. The Architecture Happy Hour


The Architecture Happy Hour is a Dallas based, informal podcast hosted by registered architects Laura Davis and Holly Hall. These two women ensure that you’re well-entertained throughout their show. They are giving the feel of a casual conversation instead of a technical discussion.

“From the very beginning we wanted the podcast to feel like you were sitting down with friends to chat about architecture and home design.” shares Davis. “And if you happen to have a cocktail in your hand, even better.”

Laura and Holly started this podcast to help homeowners and individuals pursuing home projects to make informed decisions. In addition, it is allowing them access to valuable insight and advice from experienced architects such as themselves. They also consider their podcasts to be a friendly resource and invite everyone from all backgrounds to join their conversation.

Some of their podcast topics include home design, home improvement, kitchen and bathroom design, architecture, interior design, and more. They even have a social networking group for those in the Dallas, Texas area where you can meet up with like-minded individuals in the industry. So, helping people foster relationships and ultimately build valuable business connections.

7. The Urbanist


This British based podcast is geared towards their namesake––the urbanists of the city. Started as a podcast from The Monocle, their audience includes influential people such as mayors, city planners, and architects.

The Urbanist has made its place as a nominee in the Smartest Podcast category of the 2019 British Podcast awards, rising to be an informative, global guide on topics such as new technology, state-of-the-art subways, and even compact apartments. 

Every week, they release new 30-minute episodes centered around a specific theme or issue. However, throughout the week, you can be sure to enjoy some bonus 5-minute “Tall Stories” based on a significant landmark that reveals something about a city.

8. The Midnight Charette


The Midnight Charette is a weekly, explicit podcast hosted by David Lee and Marina Bourderonnet. They cover a range of topics within the design and architecture industry, incorporated into everyday, casual conversation. Moreover, the two hosts also keep it humorous and raw, encouraging their featured guests to join in their personal, unscripted dialogue.

David and Marina are both registered architects with extensive professional and academic backgrounds. In addition, they carry their show with critical honesty. Therefore some episodes feature reviews of projects and others serve as guides for beginner architects and designers. Moreover, the show even features a hotline where listeners can call or text the hosts to explore their own thoughts and questions.

With over 130 episodes, The Midnight Charette has been met with positive reception across various podcast platforms. Consequently, they have landed the number one spot on Player FM’s trending architecture podcasts, and tenth on Apple’s design podcasts. 

9. Archispeak


Join Evan Troxel, Neal Pann, and Cormac Phalen as they discuss what it’s really like to work in the architecture industry. The three unravel their real-life, candid experiences and provide insight on topics such as design, tools, work/life balance and even topics such as generational differences and mentoring. 

Regarded as a must-have for seasoned architects and students alike, Archispeak proves to be an encouraging resource for professionals within the industry. So, when it comes down to it, Archispeak feels like three guys sitting down having a conversation. However, the takeaway is practical, eye-opening and even helpful for anyone seeking true-and-tested advice.

10. Archinect Sessions


With over 180 episodes, Archinect Sessions is a weekly podcast from Archinect that examines current events and influential people within the architecture industry. This casual discussion allows for listeners to expand their perspectives on relevant issues and general news. So, coinciding with the discourse amongst students, seasoned professionals, and academics throughout the Archinect community. Archinect Sessions serves as an extension of the current Archinect network, delving deeper into the conversation and allowing listeners to open their minds.

Since its inception in 1997, Archinect has been a central platform for practising and developing architects. It also helps people within the industry foster a sense of community. 

11. Columbia GSAPP Conversations


Believe it or not, Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation has a podcast channel of their very own. Hosted by Dean Amale Andraos, GSAPP Conversations allows listeners a glimpse into the ever-changing world of architectural practice.

Through flourishing conversations about current projects, research, and passions, GSAPP Conversations hosts a diverse set of guests from upcoming and well-established practices who provide first-hand, valuable insight into their work. GSAPP Conversations also feature their reputable faculty and alumni, helping encourage their students and giving them an opportunity to engage with experienced professionals in their own realm.

12. The Design of Business | The Business of Design


Another university-hosted podcast on the list is The Design of Business | The Business of Design. Recorded at the Yale School of Management, designers and university lecturers Jessica Helfand and Michael Bierut released this podcast as a supplement for their class “12 Design Ideas That Changed the World.” DB | BD is essentially about connecting the dots between design and business.

“What we want to do is use design as a portal into the larger world,” Bierut says.

The two expound on how the concept of design is woven into complex organizations, as well as our everyday lives. Their guests are not always exclusively a part of the design world. However, the entire purpose of the podcast is to ultimately discuss how design has personally influenced their lives and the role that it plays in their business practices.

13. The Observatory


The Observatory is Jessica Helfand and Michael Bierut’s original podcast, which differs significantly from their newer series DB | BD. In this show, Jessica and Michael explore current news. Furthermore, they provide their own insightful and entertaining commentary. The duo has proven their ability to showcase different sides of the design industry, solidifying their expertise and reputation in their field.

Whether it be the analysis of design and business or criticism on current events and enthusiasms. So, Jessica and Michael are focused on determining the relationship between designers and the technical realm they are all too familiar with. Therefore, Join them on both of their shows to gain a well-rounded understanding of the design world as a whole. Moreover, you also learn how design relates to current news.

14. Design Details


A weekly tech-show discussion of all things regarding the design process and culture. Hosted by Marshall Bock and Brian Lovin, the two are keen on breaking down the complexities of the design process. It is helping their listeners grasp a better understanding of how the industry operates. 

By tuning into Design Details, you can be sure to gain an increase of design knowledge. Moreover, learn how to articulate your ideas more fluidly. This show is chock full of innovation, valuable insight from their exceptionally knowledgeable guests, and the latest news in the design industry. 

For anyone interested in product design, Design Details is a must-listen!

15. Adventures In Design (AID) Network

[Paid Subscription – Daily]

Think of AID Network as a company you can keep throughout the day. They consider themselves to be a daily talk show for working-class creatives. They are entertaining you with conversations, recurring guests, interviews, advice and more. AID Network keeps it raw and honest. It is keeping you in the loop and fostering a sense of inclusivity amongst all of their listeners. 

Want to further immerse yourself within the AID Network? You can look into joining their Circle of Trust (COT) for a monthly or annual fee. With a COT membership, you can access features such as bonus exclusive content. You can also download current and past episodes that are no longer available on iTunes.

You are even granted access to their complete catalogue and discounts on their merchandise! COT members are known to meet up regularly. Moreover, they engage on Slack channels, extending the podcast to real-life connections and friendships.

16. The Presentable Podcast


You don’t have to be a designer to enjoy Jeff Veen’s show. On The Presentable Podcast, Jeff explores how our current products and design frame our digital future. From writers to those in the design industry, all listeners can tune in and determine their own tailored takeaway. 

In Episode #65, Jeff and his guest Matthew Rechs, former head of Adobe Fonts come together to discuss fonts. These fonts will be coming to iOS 13 and why they matter. While this type of information is covered under general design, fonts can be relevant to those in web design as well as copywriters. Episode #57 talks about how design can be used to hack government bureaucracy. It provides that Presentable focuses on a broad array of topics within the design realm.

With his compelling and intriguing selection of guests, this show is sure to lock down your interest and your mind open for what Jeff has to offer next.

17. Clever


Designer Amy Devers and Design Milk’s Jaime Derringer are the bubbly hosts of Clever; a podcast about design and the inside lives of designers. Moreover, Amy and Jaime invite designers of all calibres onto their show to talk about their backgrounds. They also talk about their current musings, and the journey they’re on. Furthermore, Clever is all about humanizing the designer, allowing listeners a glimpse into a candid, behind-the-scenes peek into what makes them tick. 

So, it’s an inspiring show that has helped those even outside of the design industry. Consequently, they can gain a better understanding of how working creatives make a living for themselves. Moreover, Amy and Jaime delve into the backstories of their guests. So, it is providing a vivid snapshot of each individual while ultimately generating entertaining and inspiring content. 

18. Design Recharge


Tune into Design Recharge every Wednesday to get the weekly design scoop from Diane Gibbs. Diane Gibbs is a graphic designer and teacher with over 20 years of experience in the industry. So, with this podcast, she aims to enable designers, illustrators, and typographers to connect with each other. As a result, they can build valuable networks of their own. 

Each episode feels like a laid-back conversation between designers and entrepreneurs alike. So, it helps listeners and guests grow their businesses, to be successful. They also are more knowledgeable about design and the business of design.

All designers have something she refers to as a “design battery”. After not being able to immerse herself in the design community as often due to her “solopreneur” lifestyle. Therefore, she felt her design battery to be half charged and unenergized. Diane needed a way to keep her design battery consistently charged. Moreover, she needed giving way to the birth of Design Recharge. So, designers can access other designers within the community. Consequently, helping everyone recharge their energy!

19. Minor Details


Minor Details is a podcast for those working in the industrial design industry. Hosts Nicholas Baker and James Connors fostering thoughtful, niched conversations for like-minded individuals. 

On their show, the two independent creatives discuss. It’s like to live and work as an industrial designer in New York City. Described as refreshing design content. So, this show is ideal for anyone who is seeking specifically tailored discussions and advice about industrial design.

20. Honest Designers


Looking to make an impact in the creative universe? Join Tom Ross, Ian Barnard, Dustin Lee, and Lisa Glanz on Honest Designers, where the four share their valuable insight on how to succeed and thrive as a creative professional. In addition, each of the hosts is flourishing in their own tremendous success within their own creative fields. Furthermore, they’re here to share their honest advice and actionable tips with you! Therefore, learn how to establish yourself in your field and create an individual brand of your very own. With the Honest Designers podcast, you’ll have comprehensive and lucrative information at your fingertips. 

The four hosts of this show offer an inclusive group dynamic that helps listeners relate more. It is also assuring their audience that they’ve “been there, done that”––revealing their vulnerabilities with no hesitation. Consequently, honest Designers provide encouraging advice for those who feel like they are struggling. Moreover, they aren’t afraid to get down to the nitty, gritty details.

21. A Well-Designed Business®

[Twice a Week]

LuAnn Nigara has 35 years of wild success in the interior design industry. She’s well-equipped with the knowledge to help you run your business successfully and profitably. Therefore join her and her prestigious guests from the interior design field as they reveal business skills to help steer you in the right direction. You can also be sure to take away something specific, palatable, and actionable with every podcast.

Some of the topics that A Well-Designed Business touches on are things such as:

  • How to identify your market
  • How to get clients without a portfolio when you’re new on the scene
  • And, How to build a team

Aside from being a business marketing coach of sorts, LuAnn delves into several other topics related to social media, technology, personal development, and more. So, as a leader in her creative field, LuAnn is sure to teach you a thing or two about personal success. 
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