Social media is a network of apps and websites that let users create and share information and take part in social networking. It has also become an indispensable marketing tool. Per Social Media Examiner, 97% of small businesses now rely on social media to draw new customers. However, 85% of company owners report that they are not sure how to use social media tools effectively. That is critical because 63% of shoppers searching for companies online are more likely to choose brands with an established social media presence. Fortunately, any firm can build a presence, boost traffic, and increase conversions by using creative marketing techniques.

1) Harness the Power of Influencers

social media Power of Influencers

Millions of people make buying decisions based on information they get from social media influencers who are authorities in specific areas. Influencers often have huge followings. You can take advantage of that reach by enlisting the support of as many influencers as possible. According to customer relationship managers at Nimble, a single influencer can reach thousands of new contacts.

2) Drum up Interest with a Series

Social media feeds quickly begin to look like laundry lists without a little variation. One way to catch readers’ interest is to add a daily, weekly, or monthly series. Use the events to interact with followers. It is especially easy to start a series on Twitter since all you need is a new hashtag. During sessions, participants can voice their concerns and provide important feedback.

There is no limit to what you can include in your series. Introduce new products or ask for opinions on existing ones. Talk about company changes and find out what shoppers would like to see in the future.

3)  Hold Contests That Include Giveaways

Martech Advisor advertising experts recommend hosting contests and giving away prizes. Instagram marketing campaigns that include contests are especially powerful. The chance of winning a prize acts as an incentive to followers. Everyone loves getting something for free, and contests are fun. Tailwind statistics show that Instagram accounts that run contests grow approximately 70% faster than those that don’t.

Find a creative way for followers to enter contests. For instance, entries can be linked to user-generated content, or you might ask visitors to leave comments about your brand.

4)  Urge Visitors to Share Content

Share Content social marketing

Inspire visitors to post images and comments linked to your brand. Encourage them to share photos, videos, and opinions. Many successful companies have designed user-generated social media marketing campaigns around conferences, product launches, and festivals. You might create a Twitter hashtag that makes it simple to add content from mobile devices. Make it an occasional event or an ongoing activity. Sprout Social reports that 91% of Instagram posts with more than 1,000 comments or likes are contest related.

5)  Design a Campaign-Specific Landing Page

Create a landing page when your marketing plan requires users to visit a specific site. For instance, if they need to fill out a form to enter a contest, add a link that takes them to the required page. Visitors are more comfortable knowing they have reached the right place, and many get discouraged if they have to search for it. The simpler it is for visitors to navigate to a landing page, the higher the conversion rates.

6)  Offer Visitors Behind-the-Scenes Photos

Offer Visitors social marketing

Customers enjoy learning about the people and processes responsible for their favorite products and services. Social media makes it easy to give visitors a look. Post videos of recent changes or events. Show pictures of staff members going about their work. Clients who can see the faces behind brands begin to think of them as relatable people, and not just impersonal business personnel. Adding images is an excellent way to bond with customers and build relationships with leads. Create videos for an even more personal touch. Followers will be entertained, and you have a chance to display your products or services.

7) Find Creative Ways to Use Emoji’s

Use relevant emoji’s on social media to engage an audience and have some fun. Social media followers love emojis. Adding them to Facebook posts can boost participation by more than 50%. Simply adding emojis to content adds interest and draws attention, but don’t be afraid to get creative.

Successful marketing campaigns have arranged emojis to create images reflecting holidays and events. For instance, Bud Light famously designed an American Flag made of various emojis as part of an Independence Day post. 

8) Boost Brand Exposure with Video Clips

Boost Brand Exposure

Video marketing has become essential to business. It is extremely effective because videos are shared far more often than text or photos.

Social media marketing with videos is not as easy or as budget-friendly as other methods, but there is a way to get the benefits without the complications. Bite-sized clips are ideal for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Creating a video clip takes little time and requires minimal editing. You can shoot and share a powerful clip within minutes. Short, creative videos keep visitors interested and entertained while providing information.

9) Use Live Videos to Capture an Audience

Live video is one of the most compelling types of media. Statistics show that visitors spend three times longer viewing Facebook Live content than pre-recorded videos.

Live streaming is a chance to provide followers with interesting experiences. Consider vlogging from your car or holding a question-and-answer session. Connecting live establishes a connection with customers and leads. You can repurpose videos by posting them to YouTube or using them as Instagram product sneak peeks. Customers might also enjoy live interviews with popular influencers.

10)  Put the Focus on Customers

Put the Focus social media

A sure way to build a following is to show customer appreciation. It’s important to give social media shout-outs to individuals as often as possible, but you can also make it more personal.

Think about a customer-of-the-week program that highlights loyal followers. Reward them with gift cards or swag.

social media marketing can help businesses grow by attracting new customers and providing information to current ones. Effective social media marketing includes entertaining videos, photos, interviews, contests, and series. It is important to use techniques that allow you to interact with customers and tie brands to social media influencers.

Author: Nathan Wilbanks

Nathan is a full-stack digital marketer specializing in consultation and strategy development for Bizop Media.

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